Google for Nobel Prize

I propose that Google should be nominated for Nobel Prize. But before I mention why I think they deserve it, let me say that, I have no association with Google other than Googling, and using Gmail and Google Drive .

But I wonder who contributed more to scientific knowledge (Individuals vs Google) in the areas of Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physiology and Medicine. You may have a point, if you argue the prize is for the production of new scientific knowledge or finding a solution to the vexing problems in our age, but what about folks who got the prize like Lê Đức Thọ or  Hennery Kissinger! What did they really produce? Not Peace certainly.

How do we quantify the immense scientific knowledge that are spreading through the use of Google’s free products such as Chrome, Gmail,  Google scholar and the myriad of other Google products out there.

One may argue that Google makes money by selling the collected data from Google users, that is true but it is not completely true. Take for example my country Somalia, there is no single Somali with credit card, and there is no bank in Somalia at the moment. So, how can Google corporation be possibly making money from Somalis? They are not really making a dime from us, but if you stroll at Benadir University in Mogadishu, you will be amazed how many students are glued to their computer screens Googling scientific information. How many doctors are looking up information about a disease or symptoms. We even use Gmail as remittance tool to send money. It takes only few minutes. We use Google drive for e-learning to share exams, lecture notes and collaboration with the international community.

Google products are simple and require low bandwidth which makes an ideal for developing countries and communities with poor communication infrastructure to seek knowledge, share knowledge and communicate through free Google products. I can really say, there is no substitute for Google products that have the simplicity, small footprint, reliability and longevity of Google in the market.

I don’t know  which category  of the Nobel Prize they be nominated for, but I believe Google corporation and their smart folks deserve a recognition of their contribution in spreading scientific knowledge, making accessible and leveling the ground for humanity in pursuit of scientific knowledge, peace and happiness.


Seiko Orange Monster


The 9 natural advantages for entrepreneurs

1. Focus: Most entrepreneurs have to adopt in working a more narrow market. In doing so, they develop an excellent reputation for service because the size of their projection area is more manageable.

2. Scope: The entrepreneurs are close to their markets and share many of the customer’s experiences.

3. Flexibility: entrepreneurs are more sensitive to the needs of their customers. They create products and services that meet customer needs in a very short time. They don’t wait next scheduled release or product iteration.

4. Surprise: Entrepreneurs understand the value of surprising the customers from time to time. See how Kodak failed to surprise customers but Instagram was able to do just that.

5. Transformation: Entrepreneurs can obtain new data from the market more quickly, and dramatically change its business model to seize new opportunities.

6. Associations: Entrepreneurs are not tied to old partnerships that do not work. They create smart business networks with strategic partners and meet the needs of their customers better.

7. Education: Due to the absence of large advertising budgets, entrepreneurs educate themselves prospect customers before they can sell to them. This confidence-building process changes the nature of the sale and produce quality relationships with customers.

8. Personalization: Entrepreneurs are more personal. The today connected world demands to connect the customer more and not just providing products and services. Entrepreneurs can convey a sense of belonging.

9. Passion: Most entrepreneurs have great passion for their product and services and convey that purpose and contagious passion.

Protect your children on facebook

The minimum age to sign up Facebook account is 13, however, thousands of younger kids have an account. Many parents who want to know what their children are up-to in Facebook have an option to monitor their children’s activities in Facebook thanks to MinorMonitor.

MinorMonitor is a free web-based tool that gives a parent a quick, easy view into their child’s Facebook activities and friends, through knowledge-based analytics.   Via an intuitive dashboard view, parents can access either a snapshot, or full detail and specifics, of potential dangerous activities such as bullying, hate crimes, drug use and sexual references”

Converting your iPhone to a leathal weapon







The Smartguard iPhone Case has a specially pepper spray built-in. A plastic tab will make sure that it doesn’t misfire, but within this tiny canister is 6 half-second bursts of excruciating spray that has a five foot radius. This is going to stop a mugger in their tracks. It appears that this is only available in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria though, costing about $50 for the case, and $27 for additional bottles of pepper spray.

Listen written web content (Tweets, Blogs and News) on the Go

ImageFor busy people who want to effortlessly stay informed, Vocalyze provides a personalized mobile news and entertainment service that turns Tweets, blogs and and other written web content into real-time audio podcasts. How about if a robot reads to you your favourite news articles while you are driving to work!!.  The service switches between a male and female voice after a couple of posts, which keeps things from getting monotonous.




Useful website of the week:

 We are featuring Howcast as a good source for instructional video content. With tens of thousands of short, helpful, high-quality videos to choose from, Howcast will help you with pretty much anything you need to know about; from How to Bake a Cake to How to Survive an Alien Abduction. The quality of the content is far superior to what you will find in youtube.